WIMAfrica advocates collaborations among African States to maximize ocean resources for Blue Economy

African Women in Maritime (WIMAfrica) has called for collaborations among nation states in the continent as a key point to accelerate efforts aimed at achieving gains of the Blue Economy.

Continental President of WIMAfrica, Mrs. Jean Chiazor Anishere, in her speech marking Africa Day of  Seas and Oceans today, highlighted the importance of developing the blue economy, which is capable of creating jobs and ensuring food security in the continent.

She, however, noted that using the continent’s ocean resources for development of her peoples can only be achievable in a place where peace and security exist.

The WIMAfrica CP, therefore, called on Africa’s Heads of Governments to ensure there is peace, so that the continent can drive growth of her people through gains of the blue economy.

She said: “The purpose of the blue economy is to provide the sustainable economic development of the oceans, seas, coasts, lakes, rivers and other ground water bodies to provide for resources that can satisfy human needs, create jobs and wealth, encourage tourism, increase global trading activities and meet its energy demands.

“Thus, achieving the sustainability of the blue economy is vital to security Africa’s prosperity.

“The blue economy comprises of the economic sectors and policies that make the ocean resources sustainable.

“However, there is a challenge in understanding how to manage ocean sustainability from fisheries and eco-system health to pollution. But, a solution can be found in collaboration across nation states and public private sectors.

“And so, celebrating our oceans and seas today reminds us of the part we must all play to achieve the Africa that we desire to see in the nearest future.”

Welcoming  all to the day’s celebration of Africa’s Seas and oceans, Anishere said protecting Africa’s oceans and seas was no longer a debate but, an actual necessity as the waters embody a wealth of marine life that can be harnessed to sustain economies.

“Africa’s oceans and seas are home to some of the most spectacular and treasured life, the oceans in Africa contain a multitude of creatures that thrive in the warm and cold current that run along our dear continent.

“Sustainability in the context of a blue economy is all about our ability to use our ocean space as opportunities for development, new energy possibilities, protected areas that are improved by diversity, conservation, climate change adaptation and provide increased food security.

“It is about the sustainable use of our potential mineral wealth on the ocean floor. It is about offsetting our own emissions and those of our planet in the fight against climate change,” Anishere said.

She pointed out  that Africa’s oceans and seas is also about sustainable trade that can connect all markets; large and small, which create opportunities and benefits from multinationals to small community enterprises.

Tourism would also thrive on a properly managed oceans and seas, Anishere said, noting that “It is also about a sustainable space for tourism. As a consequence, achieving sustainable management of these oceanic space would provide for the sustainability of our planet.”

She called on all to take responsibility, together in unity and peace as Africa has embraced the blue economy for the solutions it proffers to the economic problems and development needs facing the continent states.




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