Union issues 7-day ultimatum for reinstatement of 600 workers disengaged at Intels

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has served a seven –day warning notice to the management of Intels Nigeria Ltd., to reinstate 600 of its staff who were recently disengaged from their jobs.

In a statement signed on 14th Oct. 2020, Secretary-General of the Union, Felix Akingboye, urged the management of Intels to withdraw the letters of termination of appointment already served the affected workers, or face industrial action from the Union.

The statement reads in part that “Regrettably however, we are informed that your Management has terminated its contract with Associate Maritime Services (AMS) which has led to over 600 workers (who are our members) being declared redundant without due recourse to the Union for the negotiation of their terminal benefits.

“Letters of termination/redundancy, we are informed, had already been served on the workers.

“This unfair labour practice is not acceptable to us hence, I have been directed to issue your Management with a seven (7) day Notice effective from the date of this ultimatum, within which to withdrawal all the letters of termination/redundancy served on the workers and recall them to duty, otherwise, we shall be compelled to withdraw our services from your terminal at the expiration of the Notice.

“Meanwhile, we demand that status quo ante should remain pending when a Management/Union meeting is convened to negotiate their exit and payment of terminal benefits.”

The Union recalls that the Management of Intels recently had consultations with it when it was going to disengage 30 of its employees, which made it possible for due negotiations, after which a joint communique on the resolve was issued.

The Union adds that “Over the years, the welfare benefits of your employees (Intels Nig. Ltd.) and that of your subsidiary Company, (AMS) has always been the product of joint negotiation between your Management and the Union.  In other words, the employees of the Principal i.e.  Intels Nigeria Ltd. and its subsidiary AMS enjoy the same welfare benefits.”

Copied in the letter to Intels Nig. Ltd, are the Managing Director, Nigerian Ports Authority, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Commissioner of Police, Eastern Port Police Command, P/H, Executive Director – Marine & Operations (NPA), DSS Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Chairman  –  Advisory Council,  MWUN, Chairman  –  NLC State Council, Port Harcourt, River State, President/Gen. Sec.   –  Dockworkers Branch, President/Gen. Sec.   –  NPA Branch, President/Gen. Sec.   –  Shipping Branch, President/Gen. Sec.   –  Seamen/NIWA W. T. Branch, and District Chairman/Secretary – Onne Port.

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