Truckers at Apapa Port demand modernised call-up system

…Present system promotes corrupt practices- Ogungbemi

“In view of the ongoing unfair manner and secrecy by which trucks are being admitted into the ports via the transit parks, the result is hate, murmuring, vilification and quarrels. And this is not what we want.”

The above is how the Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO) described pains that its members now pass through to get called into the Lagos ports for business.

Chairman of  AMATO, Chief Remi Ogungbemi, said it was sad the truck call-up system still operated in such  manner rather than embracing automation, which would avoid human contact/influences as much as possible.

“The system we are using has become obsolete due to changes that had occurred at various levels but, unfortunately, some structures or system that supposed to change or evolve, have remained stagnant,” Ogungbemi said.  “Hence the anomalies that beget corruption, extortion, favourism, greed, undue arrangement of who-knows-who.”

For the cargo delivery system to complete the supply chain, then “there is an urgent need for restructuring, reformation and modernisation of the system through which trucks are being admitted into various loading points; be it in the ports, factories around Apapa, including Dangote, BUA, FMN, and all petroleum tank farms.”

But, Ogungbemi’s fears are that beneficiaries of the ill-managed system would not want a change for an improved truck call-up system. So, he believes it is a nudge to the authorities concerned to take necessary action.


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