Shipping development requires right mix of human elements for operations- Akinsoji

Marine engineer and a former Director General, Government Inspector of Ships, Olu Akinsoji, shares his thoughts on what development in shipping really demands. And central to these is a rich knowledge base to drive diverse operations.

Akinsoji’s thoughts;

Shipping; cabotage or international, is a global trade, a very powerful link in the chain of the development of any nation particularly a maritime nation like Nigeria.

Shipping and all its ancillary businesses are huge employers of human beings of various specialised knowledge and skills.

It is also an unstated competitive trade where the gains flow in the direction of comparative advantage of knowledge and skill.

For this reason, a country like ours will continue to generate revenue proportionate to cargo throughput.

But, the country will not make tangible gains for sustainable social economic benefits, unless such a country focuses on quality, quantity and right mix of human elements in all areas of management, operation and in particular decision making concerning shipping.

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