Our antidote to corrupt practices along port corridors- truckers

The maritime truck owners association has disclosed a joint plan with freight forwarders, aimed at checkmating all forms of bribery and corruption along the port corridors.

Chairman of the Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO), Chief Remi Ogungbemi, told Onepageafrica that the twin evil of bribery and corruption was responsible for constant increase in prices of goods as traders who have spent so much transporting their goods must pass the final cost to end-users.

He said the group would begin a new operation tagged ‘Trucks Scheduler System’ to ensure orderliness, as only called trucks scheduled for entry into the ports would have access.

Ogungbemi said:  “Freight Forwarders and Truckers have formed a synergy to start checkmating, coordinating and controlling the goods containers on trucks, day and night, with a view to drastically reduce or total removal of the monster called extortion & bribery along Ports access roads.

“We have gotten a method tagged- TRUCKS SCHEDULER SYSTEM, to regulate the movement of trucks and tankers, by which all the trucks would be made to remain in their private parks until they’re booked and call to come into either transit Park,  loading points in Ports, factories or tank farms, as per the capacity of each point without spillover.

“This is doable, it’s achievable, if it would not be regarded or treated as idea from minor importance.

“But, those who are benefiting from the chaos would not support this idea as it would expose their antics, tricks and greed. They are working against it already, they don’t want transparency.”

Ogungbemi lamented that corruption along the port corridors had always fought back because some group of people see problem as an opportunity to enrich themselves to the detriment of the larger society members.

He noted that ports of neighbouring countries have continued to compete with ports in Nigeria due to the overall cost of clearing goods from the nation’s ports.

The AMATO chieftain urges all stakeholders who desire positive change to support the new effort.




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