On Life At Sea, Captain Olayiwola talks about crisis management on board ships, plus his Top 3 Keynotes for young seafarers

On this edition of ‘Life At Sea’, master mariner Captain Kunle Olayiwola, shares with us about what it takes to manage crisis situations like fire outbreaks on board ships.

As he puts it:  “On board ship is a safety standard arena, and every activity is guided by IMO safety rules.”

First, his Top 3 Keynotes for young seafarers

#Be disciplined

#Let your Training Logbook be your Bible; put to practice what you have learned

#Be obedient to instructions as you go through training

He talks on two incidences of near-disaster situations from fire outbreaks, which were luckily put out professionally.

Every seafarer on board a ship knows his role to play in the case of any crisis. So, safety is everybody’s concern.


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