Olu Akinsoji’s thoughts on Effedua’s ‘Day of the Seafarer’ speech

The  Day of the Seafarer Speech by the Rector, Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Duja Effedua,(http://marinenetworkng.com/rector-maritime-academy-of-nigerias-speech-on-day-of-the-seafarer/ ) is worthy because, he did not only brief the industry but, also offered advice in key topical areas of our well-being.

The one that struck my attention is the advice under the sub-title of stranded seafarers. Hotels and recreation facilities are essential part of the infrastructures of a maritime nation and Nigeria was well equipped many years ago.this is a highlighted text

The development in the ports and the general misplacement of priorities in infrastructural development wiped away some of these facilities.

However we are still left with the Mission to Seamen in Marine Road.

Recently, an effort is being made to revive the facility to serve the design purpose by establishing a strong committee headed by Aare Adebayo Sarumi.

The Rector’s advice can be used as a pointer to possible present and future need of the industry.

I join the Rector in his advice on this matter because I know that NPA is statutory empowered for this kind of venture and has/had institutional base for it.

NPA and NIMASA may therefore engage the Sarumi Committee to build a world-class hotel in collaboration with the proprietors of the mission.

A hotel that will not only cater for stranded seamen but, also for depressed and visiting global businessmen of the maritime industry.

Need not say that such infrastructure in that location will surely be financially self-sustaining if properly designed and managed.

Thank you for the opportunity to make this contribution.

Marine Engineer, Olu Akinsoji, has served Nigeria in various capacities including being a Sole Administrator of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria.


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