Mission appreciates seafarers for dedication to sustaining global trade

Today, on the Day of the Seafarer celebration, the Lagos Chapter of the Mission to Seafarer joins the rest of the world in applauding seafarers for ensuring that global trade, which takes essential supplies around the world, continues in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chairman of the Mission, Chief Adebayo Sarumi, in a statement , acknowledged that though the 2020  celebration marked the tenth year of the institution of ‘The Day of the Seafarer,’ which is celebrated annually on 25th of June, it turned to be a paradox, considering the present situation in the world.

Sarumi said the day actually spotlights the laudable exploits of seafarers and their often understated contributions to everyday life, nation building and the global economy.

He said that notwithstanding any situation, seafarers occupied a noble position in the economic space of nations by reason of the services they provide in the face of very many risks.

He said: “Today, the entire globe stops to pause, reflect and acknowledge the worth and sacrifice of the Seafarer. This includes the perils and risks emanating from the yawning seas, the emotional turmoil of being estranged from loved ones and the multiple institutional challenges faced by today’s Seafarer.

“These form but part of the many reasons why we, at the Mission to Seafarers, Lagos join multitudes of grateful beneficiaries in applauding your professionalism, your commitment and your dedication to duty.”

On behalf of the Mission, Chief Sarumi said: “We stand with you as partners to your progress, and equally pledge our resources to charting a new course and facilitating a better experience for the Seafarer.

“It is our resolve and surest conviction that better days lie ahead. Once again, we extend hearty congratulations to you all and wish you the best of God’s blessings.”


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