#MaritimeRealityCheck: Covid-19 lockdown hard experience for shipowners,  ship crew 

On our “Maritime Reality Check”  series, Shipowner, Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho, Chairman/CEO of Genesis Worldwide Shipping Coy, shares his thoughts on how hard hit the COVID-19 pandemic had been on shipowners and crew on board vessels.

But as the lockdown occasioned by the pandemic begins to ease gradually, Iheanacho shares insights on guidelines people must take seriously.


  • Once a ship is launched, once a ship is in service, the ship absolutely continues to require maintenance.
  • Seafarers have to be there to run the generators, bunkers have to be supplied to the ships,  and victuals have to be supplied to the people on board ships.
  • People are on lock down ashore, but there is a requirement for certain activities to be undertaken for the people on board ships.

This is an opportunity for people to really realise the extra-ordinary sacrifices that seafarers are making far away from home, far away from their loved ones.

  • Of course this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown  hits the shipowners where it hurts most, in their pockets.
  • As the situation eases, we must bear in mind the need for us to continuously wash our hands, social distance, to wear mask where necessary and absolutely to keep safe.


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