Life At Sea: A marine engineer’s love for family, plus his Top 3 Keynotes for younger seafarers

Marine engineer Emmanuel Emesiri shares his Life At Sea experience, highlighting what he calls occupational hazard when he lost his wife in the year 2000.

Though they were married for about 14 years, Emesiri said they barely spent daily life together for just about four years, because he had to spend longer times at sea, working.

He treasures the little times spent with family and would always remember how his one-year-old daughter crawled into his arms, for the fact that she was seeing him for the very first time. “That was very emotional for me and I immediately called her ‘Angel,” Emesiri says.

Seafarers try so much to make up for lost times with family, Emesiri adds, as he advises younger seafarers to hold the family to heart.  

Emesiri’s Top 3 Keynotes for younger seafarers

  1. Adapt to the situation where you find yourself working and align with that aspect of the sea work that you can fit in. You see that those who are in the wrong occupation always create hazards for others.
  1. Improve your skills for the aspect of sea work you are doing. This will always give you the reassurance of your capacity to take on your skilled assignments.
  2. You must be disciplined for you to get the best on the job.

Understand that the sea is always there. The ships would come and go, but the important thing is to understand what the gains are for you so that you can continue. In that, you have to have a sense of focus and be safety-conscious always.


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