Customs Service to relocate scanner site for rail line access in Apapa port

The Nigeria Customs Service has agreed to remove the scanner site obstructing the laying of rail tracks into the Apapa port, which would be done within six months.

The Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, disclosed this on Monday after a technical meeting with stakeholders on ways to resolve the challenges affecting the completion of the third track which leads into Apapa Port.

Amaechi said that the decision was reached to create a temporary alternative route inside the port during the period of the demolition.

The minister, however, said that the inauguration of the railway would hold in spite of the delay in completion of the last track, and that the two tracks that led to the Apapa Port had already been completed.

“We have decided in the meeting that a temporary alternative route would be established inside the port while they start demolishing, after which the rail track will be laid and also a survey will be done under the water to find out about the cracks.

“We have also decided that the drainage should be expanded to accommodate more water to reduce the flood on the rail track. There are three tracks, only one track is not able to enter the port which will be resolved. They should be able to remove the customs building in six months,” he said.

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