COVID-19: 10 takeaways from WIMAfrica’s virtual meeting  

From its recent Webinar drawing women from across the continent, African Women in Maritime (WIMAfrica) leaves very strong points to encourage women on their daily endeavours to providing for their families.

 WIMAfrica also wants women to be aware on how to stay safe at this time of the pandemic. It is also advocating that government put strategies in place for proper waste management as well as support small businesses run by women.

 At the end of the Webinar, WIMAfrica gave the following points;

      1.     Keep increasing the awareness of its members about public health and safety protocol to            prevent more spread of the COVID-19.

       2.     Impart its member’s new business skills.

      3.     Organise online training to its members on various matters; Ex: Online business, mobile               money…

     4.     Promote workshops on education about the environment and climate change.

5.     Encourage innovation across all sectors within the Blue Economy.

6.     Promote sustainable tourism.

     7.     Support women in the informal sectors.

     8.     Help women in the fishing sector in training in the use of WhatsApp technology.

     9.     Teach women how to adopt new ways of selling their products.

     10.  Encourage our governments to set up a national waste and environment management              strategy with the funding of recycling micro projects carried out by Women and pupils and              students.


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