Akinsoji’s thoughts on the commissioning of simulators in Maritime Academy of Nigeria

By Olu Akinsoji

Highly delightful that the Minister and his team found time to commission these trendy equipment for quality seafarer’s training.

This action, to my mind signals the importance the ministry attached to the training of seafarers and the mandate of the Academy: training of specialised manpower for the efficient and effective delivery of maritime transport policy under the purview of the ministry of transport. This development is pleasing and commendable.

I hope the Minister is inspired to apply his political will power first, on the indigenization of maritime transport personnel in our offshore space as provided by the cabotage law and secondly developing the strategy for optimal utilization of these rare equipment he has commissioned.

Gladly, Effadua is positioning the Academy for the best training that is necessary or may be required for seafaring and other maritime transport specialised functions.

What about the other two areas?

1.Credible examination and certification of seafarers at all levels across all categories and flexible for limitations.

2.Clear definition for guidance on capacity needs based on national policy. An institutional base for the indication of quantity, quality and right-mix of specialised manpower of the industry particularly seafarers.

I want to believe that the Minister has demonstrated his goodwill and support for capacity building. I also feel that he, the Minister, is inspired enough to consider the two points mentioned above.

His consideration will further enhance the positive achievement of the Rector. I congratulate all concerned in this noble achievement. This is my humble comment on this remarkable achievement.

Olu Akinsoji, is a Marine Engineer and Pioneer Alternate Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), London. He was Director General, Government Inspector of Ships.

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