Akinsoji’s thoughts on concerns about possible shortage of seafarers by 2026

On a recent report (See Report Here) that there would be possible shortage of seafarers in the near future.

Yes, we know that the situation will manifest and Nigeria has the potential to take a good share of the employment opportunities for the male and female gender of our youths.

The Academy is greatly positioned, but it is only one pillar of the three necessary Pillars. The other two: one is the authority for Examination &Certification of Seafarers and the other is the organised local and foreign employers of seafarers.

The focal point for injecting seriousness into this matter is our Maritime Authority, which is the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA).

There is nothing to compare with specialised human capacity development in maritime transport business.

The national policy on specialised human capacity development is as old as the Academy (43years) yet we do not have a systematic and sustainable effect of the policy.

As we suggested, let our focal point Authority initiate an independent standing committee/ body/ board with appropriate TOR to coordinate the pillars of the seafarer development and establish its output values to the dynamics of maritime transport policies.

I hope we shall be wise and humble enough to take advantage of the apparent shortfalls in the human element of the global sea trade.

Olu Akinsoji, is a Marine Engineer and Pioneer Alternate Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), London. He was Director General, Government Inspector of Ships.



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